Your ideas for EurHope, Conference Bari, Italy

2015 September 25 – 2015 September 27 all-day
Hotel Excelsior, 
Via Giulio Petroni
15, 70124 Bari

eurhopeA new wind is blowing over Europe. After years of pensée unique, the Old Continent has finally realised that the call for social justice and equality can be key in today’s political agenda. Starting from a theoretical analysis of the current economic system – an oligarchic one – leftist political movements have been able to build a hegemonic narrative. Now that local communities and entire nations bravely challenge the dogmas of austerity and the markets’ ones, and although the crucial challenge takes place on a European level, this wind must turn into concrete proposals and policies: hope must take roots and turn into change. Like in Bertolt Brecht’s Tailor from Ulm, saying that another Europe is possible is not enough.

We need it to work out right, now. The challenge is a huge one, and requires everyone’s contribution: militants and academics, students and unionists. What we need is a toolbox with tools of analysis and concrete proposals, to be deployed in the various contexts where the left can put change into practice.

Subject areas

From 25 to 27 September, EurHope will bring together in Bari activists, militants and politicians from all over Europe, who will share analysis, proposals, practices and strategy. One of the three days of the forum, i.e. 26 of September, will be structured around three workshops on how to build a new European model combining social justice and innovation, sustainability and rights within the labour market and beyond it. The workshops, whose starting point will be the objective of tackling inequality, will consider and develop proposals on:

Job creation: what kind of industrial policy does Europe need to promote innovation, European integration and social justice?

Dignity of labour: how can we guarantee safeguards, a fair salary and democracy in the workplace and thus tackle precariousness, job insecurity and the sense of blackmail which is a consequence of such conditions?

A new welfare system: from guaranteed income to pensions, from access to healthcare to the right to housing, what tools do we need in order to develop a new European citizenry?


The program

Friday 25

Plenary Debate: What Europe with those inequalities: north/south, rich/poor, male/female

Saturday 26

  • 10.00 – 13.00 PANEL 1
    Out of the crisis: employment and innovation
    from the South for a new Europe
  • 15.00 – 17.00 What Employment for Europe: rights and decent jobs
  • 17.00 – 19.30 Basic income and welfare: a new European citizenship

Sunday 27

  • 09.30 – 12.30
    It’s time to change Europe: organize precariousness, reinvent unions, connect the struggles