LisKaland Summercamp about BasicIncome – Hungary 30/6-7/7 2015

2015 June 30 – 2015 July 7 all-day

liskaland2015Have you ever wondered how basic income would work for reality?
Would you be suprised to figure it out on your summer holiday?

At LisKaland 2015 you can live in a system with basic income! It is an economic simulation camp in Szigetmonostor, Hungary, based on the economic modell of the Hungarian economist Tibor Liska, where basic income is provided for everyone while taxation is optional. Company owners set the price of their companies but obliged to sell it at that price to the first buyer. Company owners have to pay a percentage of their company’s set price, so they can’t set it too high, and this payment is also the funding for the base income.

We are organizing a nonprofit economic simulation camp, where players can try what is it like to be an entrepreneur and run a business, also they can participate in professional programs, trainings and doing all this in a festival-like environment. The economic model however is not capitalism: we are implementing the market mechanism invented by our eponym, Tibor Liska (a Hungarian economist). He stated that there can be a market solution for every problem while proposing a basic income for everyone and at the top of all in his modell paying taxes is optional. The most important feature of this mechanism is the free competition for property: the owner of a company set the price but at that set price they have to sell their company if someone wants to buy it. What stops owners from setting the price of their companies too high is the fee of use: a percentage of the price of their company which they have to pay for using the company. The fee payed goes to a state-run fund, the “money source” of the basic income. Ultimately in Liska’s system, we have basic income, without goverment tutelage, and the only way for the very rich to secure their property is by giving more of their wealth to the rest of the society. This modell is the basis for our summer camp.

The LisKaLand 2015 is also a festival with parties and concerts every night, while during the they we offer thought-provoking professional programmmes and trainings. You can meet interesting people, learn new ideas and have an unforgetable experience in an international environment.

The camp is from 30th June to 7th July. If you are interested, visit our homepage ( to learn more about the camp, and join the event on facebook (

LisKaLand 2015 Team